Profiles in Courage

Sarah Elkins, vocals, percussion.
Sarah Elkins hails from Washington, DC by way of southern California and Colorado. A founding member of the vocal powerhouse band, The Perfect Jones, Sarah has been performing since high school. Her hobbies are ceramics, finishing her PhD thesis on Nth degree relationships in bosonic string theory interfacing with heterotic strings, and working for world peace.










Capt. Bob A. Lou, guitar, vocals, sound effects

Capt. Bob is a native of Washington, D.C. His first gig was with Duke Ellington in Stockholm, Sweden performing his Second Sacred Symphony. Capt. Bob, the stylish band member, was chased out of the south by a string of jealous investment bankers and lawyers who would rather work than spend time with their wives. Enough said. The Captain is in love with his whammy bar. And so is all the wimins



Tim Pool, drums, vocals.

Tim is a Montana legend, infamous for his work on and off the ski slopes. He taught the Maher brothers how to make parallel turns and Bill Johnson his table manners. Tim personally brought ska and reggae to the Helena audience, smuggling it from Jamaica across the Mexican border on a burro. Clean living and a Christian lifestyle makes his time with us limited. We fully expect to need a new drummer on May 21. In the meantime, Tim continues to grow, sacrifice, and skin his own goats for his drumheads on his 4000 acre snake ranch in Fergus County.





















Nigel "Thumper" Wintherbottom, Songwriter,vocals, bass.

Nigel hails from Northumberland, Great Britain. The illegitimate son of a huntsman and Dutchess of Coldtush, Nigel was a mainstay of the Yorkshire grunge and yodeling movement before he was discovered to have amazing spacial orientation skills and became France's first astronaut. His first album, an all-bass instrumental, "The Rhythm of the Rocket" was #7 in Kazakhstan in 2001.























Doug Haberman, bass, vocals

A native of the blackfly infested Minnesota wilderness, and veteran hillbilly band performer, Doug has had a varied career as minstrel, circus performer, fugitive, and enforcer. Doug moonlights as an advocate of high-altitude unicycling and tends to hole up in his remote mountain cabin on cloudy days. Lucky for us, the FBI gave us his address and we can contact him using our network of robotic carrier pigeons.

Doug Haberman






Sir Charles Porté, bass, vocals

Sir Charles hails from England's High Country (about 200 ft above sea level) and he moved to Helena at a very early age when he was born here. He is frequently mistaken for Zyang Sun Choo, the last surviving bodyguard of Chinese Emperor Puyi, but that is another story. Sir Charles (or "Chuck", pronounced "Shuck") has played in Helena bands since high school and has been most recently observed playing with "The Growlers." His interests range from cultivating Engrish Hybrid Tea Roses and lepidoptery, (he was an early proponent of Nabokov's theory on polyommatus blue butterflies when it was cool to be monommatus), to maintaining his custom Fat Boy.



Allen "Allain" Greenwood, vocals, guitar
His green wood doesn't seem to affect his performance (or so all the girls say). Allen is a veteran mandolin and guitar player hailing from Sioux City, South Dakota. After being chased out of town for consorting with the mayor's wife, daughter, and house maid, Allen has played in bands ranging from New Wave disco in Arizona, to swamp jazzgrass in New Orleans. His unique phrasing and vocal tones are reminiscent of Jim Morrison after an airplane crash. But he sounds good anyways.