Jack The Ripper

One of our favorite covers is "Jack the Ripper", originally by Link Wray. In an interview before he died, Link described "Jack the Ripper" as being in honor of a "dirty dance" done in Washington DC area nightclubs in the late-1950s, (it's not about the Jack the Ripper of English serial killer fame).

"Jack the Ripper" was later covered by "The Raybeats" in their class remake on "It's Only a Movie" in 1983. Danny Amis, the lead guitar player on that album, later went onto found Los Straitjackets, another one of our favorite bands. (Danny is currently in recovery from a bone cancer).

"Jack the Ripper" has become one of our signature tunes, usually signalling the start of a fast and loud dance set.

Here's a taste of what you might hear: