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Thursday, 01/05/2023 - 7:24 PM by captbob

What do you get when you send surf punks from Montana into outer space? 

In 1963, President Kennedy, under pressure from communists, the mafia, and Marilyn Monroe, launched a secret mission to the outer edges of our solar system to uncover new modes of consciousness. The team chose Uranus as it's ultimate destination (Pluto being too small to really call a planet). The spaceship was launched to the edge the universe, carrying young volunteers selected at random from across the United States. These volunteers embarked on the secret mission knowing they would never return to their beloved Planet Earth. 

Once the team landed on Uranus, they discovered an inexhaustible supply of Pop Tarts, Tang and duct tape left there by an earlier civilization. The team mapped out Uranus, discovering new lifeforms and civilizations, and manufactured rocket fuel using Pop Tarts and Tang, repaired their spaceship with duct tape, and managed to return to Earth. 

Rocket To Uranus is the remnants of that team: a group of experience-addled space cadets banding together to reclaim the banner of rock and roll abandoned in the global impulse towards self-destruction, carrying the inspiring message of "get a fucking grip people" to the remaining humans on Planet Earth. 

These space cadets may look like normal people, they walk among you, working as computer geeks, health care workers, construction workers and government bureaucrats, but you can recognize them by the tell-tale signs of involuntary head motion and foot-tapping when anything by The Ventures plays in the background. But beware, hidden behind their creased and weary faces lies a reservoir of knowledge and insanity brought back from the edge of the universe, always ready to replay their journey to Uranus . . . and beyond!

The Rocket brings high energy and audience engagement to every show wearing Carnaby Street-inspired costumes and performing "Rocketized" covers of somewhat familiar songs from the 60s. Think: What would it look and sound like if Austin Powers accidentally consumed magic mushroom hors d'oeuvres and went to a nightclub?

Shows typically feature a mix of surf instrumentals, pop tunes, movie themes, original songs, and garage/punk/frat-core/psychedelic melodies guaranteed to get audiences of all ages out of their seats and dancing. If there's space (and boy do we love space), we'll bring a multimedia show featuring obscure video clips and do costume changes to fit the theme of each set. We might throw in pole and go-go dancers into the mix -- you never know.

Rocket To Uranus shows are just performance, they are "happenings" man and you should take the trip with us.